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KH meme - (2/9 quotes) ~ ‘I am who I am… because of them.’

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9/13 - Organization XIII graphics - [x]


OH! I just remembered something. So I’m at work playing my 3DS and this guy walks in and notices the KH case I have on my 3DS. And he says “You like Kingdom Hearts too? Well I’m a very huge fan. You could ask me anything and I’ll answer” in such a snobby manner. So I asked something about 358/2 Days and Xion and he says “Nah man, I don’t play those spin-offs”. AND I’M JUST SITTING HERE LIKE


espeaon asked: saix or axel

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- #1 beautiful handsome men in org.13 part 1

MAKE ME CHOOSE | senzaxamore asked: Kairi or Naminé

Favorite Axel Quotes

when u walk away u dont hear me say



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Anonymous whispered: h-hello! would it be okay to ask who's your favorite KH character?

Oh anonymous, it is questions like this that make my heart sing.

I have to go with a tie between Ventus and Riku. I loved Ventus for the short amount of time we got to see him, and while I thought Riku was a little prick in KH1, I learned to love him in the rest of his games. I think Riku is the best developed character in the series :). And as for Ventus, I just love his personality! 

Thanks for the ask!

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Kingdom Hearts - Soul Eater