One Day, It'll Be Our Light

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Watch where you swing that Data-Roxas

Help Please!

Hey everyone! Recently in my school district a transgender student had been banned from using the bathroom of their identified gender, but they are also too uncomfortable using their biological gender’s restroom. The guidance department is now making them go out of their way to go to the nurses office just to use the restroom, which is ridiculous.

You can read the entire story here, and it would also mean a lot if you signed! It takes a few seconds and it only needs about 100 signatures left, and there are about 2500 of you alone following my blog, so every signature makes a difference! Thank you!


"Scream it from the top of your lungs, lungs, lungs."

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we pray for our sorrows to end
and hope that our hearts will blend

Only a few followers away from 2,500… Honestly like, amazing!

Hello there, how are you, do you want to talk about Kingdom Hearts with me? Thank you so much for following<3. 

Another side, another s t o r y…

  • me: i think i'm over that game now
  •  *main theme plays for 0.5 seconds*
  • me: *starts crying*
"Now our hearts have touched."

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So today my mom’s boyfriend agreed to help make me Kairi’s keyblade all nice out of wood and stuff and I am SO PUMPED!!

I already ordered blue contacts, a wig, and the dress so right now I am just praying to the lord that everything gets here on time for NYCC. Really nervous about contacts because I never wear them, but I need the Kingdom Hearts Blue eyes. SUPER nervous for the wig because its estimated to arrive anywhere from a week before comic con until the day of… scary.


Kingdom Hearts II Ending Icons - set 5
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Kingdom Hearts - Soul Eater